This is Rachel...

Rachel Fay is a Professional Introducer whose role is to ensure that the expectations of hosts who organise Events and those who attend them are met.

Her service enables that to happen. Her mission is to get people introduced as quickly as possible so that mulitple business and social connections are made with ease, relevance and enjoyment.

Rachel has been described as 'Social Lubricant' by the BBC, as 'The Mingling Lady' by Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London and likened to an Indian Mother – who ensures everyone is OK – by Sathnam Sanghera writing in The Times business pages.

She is the market-leader in introducing people to each other at Events and her service is uniquely applicable to all sectors and in both business and social contexts. 

To discuss how Rachel can enhance your event, call her on 020 8743 1249 or send her an email.

You can read about what inspired Rachel to set up the business here


Gordon McQueen, previously Non-Executive Director of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust and J P Morgan Mid Cap is one of our advisors.