Social Isolation happens all year - at an Event near You!

It's not just The Lonely who feel lonely - it's Guests at Events.

The Duchess of Cambridge, The Chief Nurse Professor Jane Cummings and broadcasters Dame Esther Rantzen, Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid and Martha Carney, have all been talking about Loneliness in the run up to Christmas. It's been described as a 'national epidemic'.

But it's not just the old who live alone who experience loneliness.

Don’t leave People Litter at your event

I've been attending all sorts of events with an eye to working out how to improve the social aspect for at least a decade now. Put simply this means how to ensure that those attending meet and mingle comfortably with others present.

I've looked at this from the humblest local community event and small breakfast seminars to huge conferences and high-level functions attended by royalty, government ministers and celebrities.

My findings can be summarised quite simply.

I see a lot of PEOPLE LITTER!

Savvy Managing Partners rewrite rules of Client Engagement

When Managing Partner David Bickerton of law firm Clifford Chance advises  newly-appointed Managing Partners to ask themselves “How does the Client feel?” , I ask “How does the Client feel at your Client Events?”

Currently, not great, is the likely answer. I know this because I have spent many thousands of hours introducing guests at business and social events and working out how to provide the best possible experience for them in the periods when they are expected to interact with others.

British Networking isn't Working for British Business

Why ever not?

There's every opportunity to network at a plethora of business events up and down the country, isn't there?

Opportunity, yes, but it's only an opportunity i.e. it's not a certainty.

Would you book a holiday and expect only the opportunity- not the certainty - of staying in that five star hotel on the beach front?

I don't think so. I think you'd expect to know that you will stay in that five star hotel.

Entertaining Clients at Royal Ascot

This article first appeared in Beyond Bespoke

If you're taking clients to Royal Ascot this year, you'll need more than the champagne and the race card.

Mixing your guests and getting everyone chatting are the vital ingredients at any social gathering.  With a bit of forethought, you can do a great deal to create engagement amongst your clients.  Here's a simple way to do it if you don't have prior experience.

Step 1


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