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Prince Charles & Camilla at Watts ArtsArts & Culture Funding

We have specialist expertise in helping organisations attract and retain Supporters by enhancing the social content of Events. We believe that the creation of a lively social ambience requires that all Patrons have the opportunity to be introduced to others. Knowing when and who to introduce to whom is a fine art.


Brand eventBrand & PR

We create a lively social atmosphere to add to the excitement of a new product or service launch. You look after showing off your product or service, we look after showing off how well you look after your guests.



We provide face-to-face networking services for you to add value in the competitive Conference market.


Financial and Professional ServicesProfessional Services

As a Professional Services provider putting on Events to attract new business, you’ll want them to be well attended with the minimum of no-shows. Well-attended events have a buzz and excitement that helps generate business.


Private Members' ClubsPrivate Members' Clubs

We help Private Members' Clubs attract and retain members by improving the opportunities for them to engage with other members.


Queen Charlotte’s BallSocial & Weddings

Still wanting your Party, Wedding, Reception or Dinner to be better than everyone else’s? For those with everything ­- venue, catering, entertainment – the often missing ingredient is the social buzz: the sheer joy that your guests can experience when they meet someone fun, or interesting – or just new and different.