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Art exhibitionWe introduce Guests, Patrons, Music Lovers and Art Collectors to each other at Performances and Shows to create a social buzz.  This ensures:

  • Greater take-up at Events
  • Less no-shows and cancellations
  • More repeat attendances

We advise Not-for-Profit Development Directors who do not want comments such as:  

    I was a Patron of . . . (a Not-for-Profit Arts Organisation) but everyone just stood around at the Patrons’ Events, and no-one talked to anyone else.  I asked to be introduced, but I was only introduced to members of staff, which was not really what I wanted, so I stopped being a Patron’.

    Current ENO Supporter

    Do you want to attract Buyers or Supporters to your Arts Event?

    Art exhibitionWe believe that the creation of a lively social ambience requires that Guests at your musical or art event have the opportunity to be introduced to others. Knowing when and whom to introduce to whom is a fine art.    

    This important job - essential if an event is to be enjoyed by all present – requires someone with the confidence, necessary skills and authority to do it effectively, particularly where high-level selling or fundraising is at stake.

    It is a challenging role to remember everyone's name and look after all the people you invite.  Our role is to complement that process so that everyone receives a meaningful introduction. 

    Rachel is well-prepared for every event and somehow always manages to meet all the guests.

    Sarah Bardwell
    Director, Handel House Museum


    How do you benefit?

    As a result or our introductions your guests leave with a good impression of your organisation, are more likely to contribute to your appeal or spend time in the company of your works of art if you run a commercial gallery. They will promote your organisation amongst their friends and colleagues without you even asking them to do so and will be proud to speak of what a good time they had at your event.  They are more likely to attend your next one and will feel more comfortable inviting others to come with them. 

    We offer two services

    • At-Event Introductions
    • Event Consultancy 

    These can be commissioned separately or in tandem.

    Our Track Record

    Prince Charles & Camilla at Watts ArtsRachel Fay has introduced Art Collectors, Supporters and Patrons at Receptions at Goldsmiths Hall (with Dr Penelope Curtis, whilst Director of Tate Britain), Royal Society of Arts (with Baroness Bottomley of Nettleston), Handel House Museum and Stanley Hall Opera. 

    Rachel was responsible for ensuring that guests were properly introduced to TRH The Prince of Wales & The Duchess of Cornwall at the Re-opening of Watts Gallery.

    She has introduced guests at Private Views with Dr Stephen Deuchar, Director of The Art Fund, and at Tate Britain, and for the Van Gogh Museum Edition Collection. She has introduced guests at Dinner with Dr Nicholas Penny during his tenure as Director of The National Gallery.

    Rachel has undertaken an audit of social events at The Serpentine Gallery and written reports on Developing the Social Ambience at Patrons’ Events for Watts Gallery, near Godalming.

    She is a former member of the Grants Committee at NADFAS (National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) and previously worked in the Paris Family Office of the President of the World Federation for the Protection of Historic Castles and Country Houses.

    Rachel has previously worked on corporate branding projects for the Black Country Museum, the Museum of Moving Image and The Really Useful Theatre Group.

    In attracting new guests to Stanley Hall Opera, attention has to be paid to making newcomers feel welcome. We have to ensure that they have a good experience of the event, such that they want to come again and bring their friends.
    Rachel Fay is expert at seeing that the practical and social needs of new guests are thought about, planned and looked after. She has a sure touch in communicating with people and being on hand to help with introducing them on the day.  This is work that she is well capable of planning and carrying out with sensitivity and charm, in keeping with the atmosphere of the event.

    Christopher Stewart-Smith CBE, Producer, Stanley Hall Opera
    Former Chairman of Earls Court & Olympia Exhibitions Group

    To discuss your event with Rachel, email her or call 020 8743 1249