Brand & PR

Brand eventWe create a lively social atmosphere to add to the excitement of a new product or service launch.

You look after showing off your product or service, we look after showing off how well you look after your guests.

We make sure they go away with an extra gift as well as the goody bag – the pleasure of chatting to others they didn’t know existed and a business card or two that will set their own dreams spinning. 

Just to say that it was great to meet you last night. Thank you for connecting me to Barry. We are now talking and should meet again soon. Really appreciate that.

Event Guest, Tom Dyer

How do you benefit?

Guests will leave the party grateful for the care you took with them by arranging a professional host and pleased they met new people. They will have had a more enjoyable time and be out and about, on social media, championing the brand and its benefits and telling the world what a great time they had. That’s a success story that you can take credit for!

Our Track Record

Our Introducing Service has been used at Jimmy Choo and Thomas Goode brand awareness events and by communications agency McHardy Collective. 

Rachel knows about brands having previously worked on corporate branding projects for British Airways, BBC, News International, New Zealand Tourist Board and United Distillers. She has been a guest speaker at a Marketing Conference jointly held by ITN and Marketing Week.

Please make contact to discuss your particular requirements. You can email Rachel or call her on 020 8743 1249