Private Members' Clubs

Private Members' ClubsWe help Private Members' Clubs attract and retain members by improving the opportunities for them to engage with other members. 

For most people, interacting with others and making new friends and acquaintances is a crucial aspect of belonging to a club. Many clubs provide an activity presuming this will just happen. It often doesn’t!

It’s particularly important to introduce new members to others as soon as they have joined so that they don’t become disheartened in the early days. 

Do you want to attract more members?

We introduce potential members to the benefits of joining your Club by showing how easy it is to mix in with other members at Club events. We pave the way for instant relationships to be created, so that people wanting to join, will join, spurred on by experiencing for themselves those desirable social contacts made possible at your Club.

We also provide Consultancy services advising on Receptions for new members and training staff how to make effective introductions. 

You increase membership numbers by enhancing the social content at your club so that members really want to be there. 

Our Track Record

Rachel Fay has researched and created a New Members’ Evening Reception for Home House Private Members’ Club with introductions to other members – new and existing – at its heart.

We had the very great pleasure of working with Rachel Fay when embarking upon a research project to understand our members' views and garner feedback on future ventures, specifically with an eye to expanding the social side of the House.

Reece Williams, Sales and Marketing Director, Home House Club

Rachel has introduced at 12 Hay Hill Club in Mayfair, The South Kensington Club, Grace Belgravia, The Hospital Club, Covent Garden and the Devonshire Club through Beyond Bespoke

Please email Rachel or call her on 020 8743 1249 to discuss your forthcoming event or membership drive.