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Financial and Professional ServicesOur expertise enables you to acquire more Clients and grow your company's reputation.

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Acquiring More Clients 

Financial and Professional ServicesSurely the point of Business Networking is to meet people who bring business to your firm?

Currently, faced with a sea of unknown people and limited time and energy, this is difficult to do at a standard networking event. More often than not, the time is spent talking to - and getting stuck with - people who will not lead to business. This is a waste of time.

Now, however, you can get straight down to business. Taking the brief from you, Rachel expertly connects you to the people you most want to talk to, in the order that's most important to you. 

But that's not all. Rachel then ensures that you don't get caught in an overlong conversation. Whilst you're talking, she's scouting the room for your next connection, diplomatically extracting your next Prospect from their conversation, bringing them across the room to you.  She does this until you've met everyone in the room you need to meet.

Not sure if it will really bring in business? 

Contact Rachel for a complimentary demonstration.

020 8743 1249

Growing your Company's Reputation 

As a Professional Services provider putting on Events to attract new business, you’ll want them to be well attended with the minimum of no-shows.  Well-attended events have a buzz and excitement that helps generate business. 

With our help you can bring down the level of no-shows (we estimate to be typically 30%). We believe in making an Event so rewarding for guests that they will want to return – and bring their friends and colleagues next time. What makes an Event rewarding to your Prospects? Being introduced by Rachel to the people they want to meet of course!

Now Prospects show up at your Event without you even having to seek them out. They seek you out!


Rachel was a delight to work with, and very professional and understanding of our requirements.  Many of our guests commented on Rachel’s excellent introducing skills and what a very good idea it was to have a professional host.  Having Rachel at our event meant we could concentrate on what we needed to be doing that evening and fully enjoy the celebration.  We would certainly consider having Rachel help us again.

Melissa Longley, CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Longley Asset Management


Congratulations on a great business idea! You have cracked the ice associated with 'cold introductions' at networking events which I, and many guys in particular, find really difficult to the extent that such events are best avoided most of the time.

Keith Martindale, Director of Stream Partners, Delegate at FT Networking Evening


Our Track Record

Rachel Fay has made introductions at events for many financial/professional companies including the Financial Times and Longley Asset Management.

Rachel has previously worked on corporate branding projects for Barclays, Lloyds, Midland Bank, Nat West and Abbey National (now Santander).

Gordon McQueen, a former Non-Executive Director of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust and J P Morgan Mid-Cap and current Non-Executive Director of The Edinburgh Investment Trust, is one of our advisors.

The Financial Times was pleased to use our service:

We billed the event as a Networking Evening and Rachel worked the room quickly and courteously on behalf of the Delegates, introducing them to people they could not possibly have found themselves in a crowded room of 70 people. We therefore delivered the networking we said we would using Rachel so that those who came actually met people they wanted to meet.

Steve Playford, Financial Times

View invitation for the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club

Please email Rachel or call her on 020 8743 1249 to discuss your forthcoming events.