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Our Introducing Service for those who want to create a stand-out event

Queen Charlotte’s BallThis is the service for those who want to go above and beyond the commonplace ingredients of venue, catering and entertainment

We put social connections back into the heart of your Event and work tirelessly to achieve this. We know the sheer joy that your guests can experience when they meet someone fun, or interesting – or just new and different. After years of research and development, we know what to do and what not to do in the delicate art of social introducing. 

We add the social buzz to your corporate entertaining or private party . . .

Rachel is able to make introductions requiring high standards of etiquette and protocol.  

Rachel Fay has been appointed by The London Season to assist with social introductions at London Season events.

Rachel’s first Event for the London Season was Queen Charlotte’s Ball at the Inner Temple in which she assisted guests at the royal receiving line  which included HRH Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia, HH Princess Olga Romanov and Their Graces the Duke and Duchess of Somerset.

During the reception Rachel introduced guests to other guests throughout the room and also enabled guests to meet those they wished to meet after dinner and throughout the evening.

I received many favourable comments after the ball from guests who would otherwise have felt it inappropriate to introduce themselves. Many people feel that a social event is also an opportunity to meet with like-minded people both on a business and social level.

Rachel Fay is charming, personable and highly skilled in her field which I am sure will prove invaluable both in corporate and social events. I highly recommend her.

Jennie Hallam-Peel
(Mrs David Hallam-Peel,) Chairman

Our Track Record

SocietyRachel Fay is proud to have been responsible for ensuring that guests have been properly introduced to The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. She has also introduced guests to foreign royalty.

She has assisted Le Marquis d’Amodio and Anne de Rochefoucauld at social functions in Paris and Warsaw, introduced guests and sponsors at Queen Charlotte’s Ball, and increased ticket sales at Stanley Hall Opera with her unique Introducing Service.