Don’t leave People Litter at your event

I've been attending all sorts of events with an eye to working out how to improve the social aspect for at least a decade now. Put simply this means how to ensure that those attending meet and mingle comfortably with others present.

I've looked at this from the humblest local community event and small breakfast seminars to huge conferences and high-level functions attended by royalty, government ministers and celebrities.

My findings can be summarised quite simply.

I see a lot of PEOPLE LITTER!

I'm really sensitive to this, and because I don't like to see it, I like to help clear it up.

The Hosts often don't notice the people litter and this troubles me.

What's my problem with all the people I see at events, standing around like bits of unwanted litter?

I don't want to be Litter myself!

It's not a nice feeling.

Hosts often have a collective colour-blindness to what's happening to the people at their event. I've spoken to a lot of them and they often don't seem to mind that much.

But speak to those who attend events, and – to summarise: they often feel like rubbish!

Don't let your event be the one with lots of people litter left standing around.

This aticle first appeared on Linkedin on 27 January 2017

Rachel Fay is a Professional Introducer at Events. She introduces your guests to the people they want to meet at your function. She makes them feel like valuable gold, not rubbish. 020 8743 1249


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