Don’t leave People Litter at your event

I've been attending all sorts of events with an eye to working out how to improve the 'social' aspect' for at least a decade now.

I've looked at this from the humblest local community event and small breakfast seminars to huge conferences and high-level functions attended by royalty, governemnt ministers and celebrities.

My findings can be summarised quite simply.

I see a lot of PEOPLE LITTER!

I'm really sensitive to this, and because I don't like to see it, I like to help clear it up.

The Hosts don't seem to notice the people litter and this troubles me.

What's my problem with all the people I see at events, standing around like bits of unwanted litter?

I don't want to be Litter myself!

It's not a nice feeling.

The Hosts seem to have a collective colour-blindness to what's happening to the people at their event. I've spoken to a lot of them and they just don't seem to mind that much.

But speak to those who attend events, and - to summarise: they often feel like rubbish!


Note: by 'social aspect' I mean the ability to meet and mingle easily with others in the room, be it a business or non-business function, to create a social environment

Rachel Fay is a Professional Introducer connecting people at Conferences, Receptions, Networking Events and Private Parties. You can contact Rachel on 020 8743 1249

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