Event Trends for 2018

Networkers will be given human help to make connections

Rachel Fay, Professional Introducer, offers her predications to Eventbrite's Bel Booker in December 2017

“At events with a social or networking element, I think we’ll see an increase in organisations using the services of a professional introducer, such as myself, to ensure that attendees meet people who are relevant to them. We’ll see a corresponding decrease in the number of ‘self-service’ networking events where attendees are expected to get on with it without assistance. Since I launched my business I’ve had a lot of interest from the national press and from attendees who frequently leave social/networking events disheartened at not meeting people relevant to them or their business. I believe the increasing number of online-meeting platforms is creating a desire for the antidote: meetings in the flesh. This trend will lead to greater satisfaction amongst attendees and a decrease in no-shows.”

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