Eventbrite asked key people in the Events arena to predict changes afoot in 2018

Rachel spoke out

"Rachel Fay believes networking at events is actually not working – that attendees do not get to meet the people they want to and all too often walk away disappointed.

She has set up an at-event introducing service to take the pain out of the current do-it-yourself approach. Event organisers can hire Rachel to facilitate networking by making introductions that are relevant to their guests."

Eventbrite's Bel Booker asked Rachel more about the service she offers in a second interview

“Do you believe the traditional style of a networking event is not fit for purpose?

With the current style of networking, it’s definitely not fit for purpose. Even if you’re brilliant at working the room, which most people aren’t, you can’t do it – it’s basic maths. For example, if there are 60 people in the room, you can’t meet them all in an hour of networking. That would be one person per minute. What you need to be able to do is find the handful of people you want to meet quickly.”

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