How to stay afloat socially at Henley

Heading for Henley Royal Regatta this summer and doing a spot of corporate entertaining? Apart from hoping for sunshine and that your outfit will fit the dress code of Phyllis Court Club, the Leander Club, or any of the other venues bordering the race, you’ll be hoping your guests will talk to each other. If not, you should be!

Your guests will be hoping for an enjoyable and memorable day. Even if the sun shines relentlessly, a miserable black cloud can easily descend on any one of your guests who doesn’t feel included in the conversations. Some people find it difficult to start a conversation, so make it easy for them.

You can either take responsibility for this yourself or use the services of a Social Host.  You can buy the services of a Social Host for a few hours or the whole day, to look after the social needs of your guests. 

This leaves you free to quaff a bit more Pimm’s, concentrate on a few more of the handsome rowers as they streak past to the winning post, and soak up a bit more of the fun yourself, without having to worry about your guests, remember their names, who does what, who knows who and who has already spoken to whom.

So what will a Social Host do? He or she will look after – as the name implies – the social needs of your guests during the time agreed.  Typically, this starts by greeting the guests as they arrive, ensuring that they’re offered a drink without having to ask for one, and crucially, taking them into the body of the other guests already assembled and introducing them. 

Once all the guests have arrived, the Social Host will get everyone mixing and mingling, so that they leave with the satisfaction of having met the other people in your party.  

And when the day comes to a close, you can leave, knowing that they’ve struck up conversations with people who have made the day a very satisfying experience. They’ll thank you for it!

This article first appeared in Beyond Bespoke

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