Sathnam Sanghera, in The Times Business Pages

One of our most cynical and networking-hating journalists tests out our Service!

In his inimical witty style, Sathnam writes:

'If I'm honest, I was looking forward to test driving Fay's services at a UK Indian Business Council hobnobbing event held at the Taj Hotel in St James' Court on Monday about as much as an actual ten-day Indian wedding in Slough. Or perhaps a Trump rally'.

He goes on to describe how he 'begged Fay to let me go as soon as possible' before being  'told off in frankly, motherly fashion' by Rachel. 

Submitting at last he goes on to say:

'She introduced me to a man who did something in design. She then made me talk to someone who did something in public affairs . . . There were more introductions to lobbyists, entrepreneurs, politicians . . . I met someone from a travel company who might prove useful for a book I'm working on . . . I met a PR who might give me story ideas, and 

... I began to see the point of hiring an introducer like Fay.'


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