Why I founded an Introducing Service at events

The business was founded in response to this common complaint from those attending events as guests:

"How can I meet the people I want to meet in a room full of people I don’t yet know?"

I saw the problem first-hand at many of the corporate and society functions I was attending.

Typically, there was nobody to help me find what I was there for: relevant connections. I was given a glass of wine, thanked for coming and was promptly left to fend for myself in a sea of strangers.

Even if I had had the courage to approach people I didn’t know, it was impossible to find all the people to whom I wanted to speak in the time available. It was usually a disheartening experience. I stopped attending events that did not provide me with the connections I hoped for and wondered how many others were doing the same.

I began asking others about their experiences. It soon became clear to me that there were many people who felt as I did, but were sometimes reluctant to talk about it - as if it was their fault and they should be better at networking. The other thing I noticed was that most people, whilst feeling disheartened after attending gatherings attended by people that they didn’t know, also accepted it as the norm. They had no expectation of anything different.

What a wasted opportunity I thought – for both the Event organiser as a way of bringing their attendees into the fold – and for those attending. How many meetings, whether business or social, are being lost in this way? I explored different sectors, and began developing the skills to remedy the situation for people in different sectors.

This was how the business was born. The Service enables Directors and their teams, skilled in their own fields but with heavy workloads, to meet their event objectives.